Attention, Beantown Radioheads


Jesse Walker is appearing on WBUR's "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook. The show will be syndicated on NPR. Broadcast starts at 7:40, eastern time. (Sorry for the late notice.)

Update: Thanks to anon for providing the address where you can hear the archived webcast.

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  1. You should at least note that the audio may be found streaming here:


  2. Fair warning, too, that Jesse doesn’t make an appearance until minute 34 or so.


  3. When posting notices of this kind, it is helpful if you use phrases such as “a.m.” or “p.m.” for those of us who do not happen to know what time of day “On Point” airs.

    Also, since the headline is addressed to Boston-area readers, it would be helpful to have a radio dial position. Surprising as it may seem, many of us libertarians do not have WBUR’s dial position marked on our radios.

    However, on behalf of those Boston-area readers, thanks for pointing out that when you said “7:40”, you meant “eastern time”.

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