Who Freakin' Cares Whom The NY Times Endorses?


Or any other paper, for that matter?

The Washington Times–one of the two most readable and enjoyable daily newspapers in the nation's capital–has a great story about how voters don't give a rat's ass about newspaper endorsements. To wit:

Four years ago, E&P [Editor & Publisher] surveyed 2,000 likely voters and revealed that 94 percent of them could not care less who their local newspaper endorsed, and 70 percent thought their paper should stop endorsing candidates altogether. Mr. Mitchell thinks such sentiments still prevail.

Whole thing here.

Mega-bonus irony: This story ran the day that the Wash Times officially endorsed… [building tension]…George W. Bush. Why? Because he's got the "moral uprightness" of a politician who's been chowing on the ideological equivalent of Cialis, at least since 9/11. And because Kerry's a limp dick on terrorism. Or something like that. Read it all here. And then ignore it.