Free Speech Is Great; Just Please Don't Speak Freely


So, not only are newspaper reporters expected to keep their opinions to themselves, now comes unintentionally hilarious word that their editors think they damn well better self-censor their own private e-mails as well. From Washington Post sourpuss Len Downie, co-author of one of the worst books I've ever read:

"Our policy says they are not supposed to express any opinions in public about things they cover. … I expect (Post reporters) to be sophisticated enough to be aware of anything they put in print. You are a Washington Post reporter, not Joe Blow."

Asked whether this also applied to private emails, he replied: "I would expect that reporters would realize they would be covered by that."

Maybe it's time to get back in touch with their inner Blow. Then there's this creepy comment from the editor of The Buffalo News:

"There is a really large gray area about what you can tell people to do in their non-working time."

Link via Romenesko.