Cartoon Characters for Bush


The state judge who threw Ralph Nader off the Pennsylvania ballot declared:

I am compelled to emphasize that this signature-gathering process was the most deceitful and fraudulent exercise ever perpetrated upon this court….In reviewing signatures, it became apparent that in addition to signing names such as Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, John Kerry and the ubiquitous Ralph Nader, there were thousands of names that were created at random and then randomly assigned either existent or nonexistent addresses by the circulators.

Question: Is the appearance of Fred Flintstone and Mickey Mouse evidence of 1) the Nader campaign's incompetence, 2) the Bush campaign's incompetence, 3) Democratic sabotage, or 4) unexpected support for Bush in Hollywood?


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  1. Fred Flintstone does seem like he’d vote Republican. (Not because he’s a caveman, but just because he seems like a conservative, family-values sort of man.)

  2. USA TODYA/GALLUP polls have Bush and Kerry tied for disenfranchised Nader voters. I don’t think either have anything to gain by having him in the race.

  3. The presence of cartoon characters is likely the result of circulating petitions on college campuses, especially on Friday afternoons or during frat parties.

  4. SR:

    You’re correct. Here would be the vote in my opinion:

    Mickey Mouse: Bush
    Fred Flintstone: Bush
    John Kerry: Kerry
    Ralph Nader: Kerry

  5. Actually, it’s evidence of 2 things:

    1) the Nader Campaign’s incompetence

    2) the pathetic state of ballot access in this country…that people are driven to such foolish and fraudulent extremes, just to get their name on a ballot, whereas the dems and reps are automatic entries. Which, by comparison, says alot about the LNC, which has Badnarik on 48 ballots.

  6. Maintaing Libertarian ballot access is about the only reason to vote for them, just in case someday they turn into a serious political party.

    Since I live in a safe Bush state, I will probably vote Lib just for this reason.

  7. A combination of Democratic sabotage and paying signature gatherers by (seemingly any) signature.

    And I think B. is wrong. Lefty antiwar types can’t be thrilled that Kerry now (this month/week/whatever) sounds like Bush about what to do in Iraq. Many will vote Nader, though I have no idea if it’ll make a difference in any particular state.

  8. I hear Mr. Slate is up for Sec. of Labor if Bush wins again.

  9. PapayaSF
    “And I think B. is wrong.”
    I’m not the pollster, but did you even look at the poll?

  10. I’m outraged that there are people out there who will perpetrate this kind of silliness on so important an issue as ballot access.

  11. joe: And Mr. Burns as Sec. of Energy!

  12. Mitch-

    I think most people that bother looking into a third party do so because the Republican and Democratic party are too similar. Without the third party it becomes the old ‘lesser of two idiots’.

  13. Bush: the choice for the Modern Stoneage Family…

  14. How is it that you americans make every election into a mess.
    And , OT, why do you need to register to vote, can’t you keep track of your people or what?

  15. Anders-
    Why are Europeans such a bunch of whining Nancys? It is what it is.

  16. Hey, if they’re letting cartoon characters vote now, why didn’t I get a sample ballot?

  17. I voted for Perot in 92 because Bush Sr fell back on his word to not raise taxes

    (it was the first time I was old enough to vote, and I was way more republican back then and did not even know anything about the Libertarian party)

    I don’t know if that is relevant to anything, or if it helps provide context for the Nader voters.

  18. B., I saw the poll, but I have the same trouble that Mitch has: trying to understand these “Nader first choice, Bush second choice” people. So I end up going with my experience, logic, and gut sense rather than this strange poll result.

  19. Surely Fred Flinstone had a union gig.

  20. “How is it that you americans make every election into a mess.”

    Electing people you disapprove of is not he same as making every election into a mess.

    “….. can’t you keep track of your people or what?”

    No, our secret police organizations are not as large as European ones.

  21. I am not as confused about the “Nader, then Bush” ordering. In my experience, the people who say they’d vote for Nader have even less of a clue about his politics than they do about the major parties. So Nader kinda becomes all things to all people, in opposition to his actual “Communist in Green clothing” leanings. So when people can’t vote for him because he’s Not Bush and Not Kerry, then they turn to whichever of the two major party candidates they hate least.



  23. Coming from Seattle, the place (and specific neighborhood) where Nader got 99% of his votes in the 2000 election, I can’t imagine many disenfranchised Nader voters moving to Bush.

    Unless Bush has suddenly shored up the upwardly mobile, Volvo driving, environmentally conscious, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ crowd, I’m thinking that those poll results are highly questionable.

  24. And , OT, why do you need to register to vote, can’t you keep track of your people or what?

    Holy crap- this is obviously coming from someone of European persuasion.

    Uhm, no despite the gov’ts best efforts, we Americans really don’t like to be ‘kept track of’, unlike you kind folks in Europe (or Canada). And, America is a country of immigrants, therefore we at least like to make sure the full blown citizens are in fact voting. Something Europe doesn’t see much of, I’d imagine: People coming TO Europe, not leaving.

  25. I’d like to get Ralph Malph on the ticket. With Potsy as V.P. I think the Fonz should be kept out of the cabinet, however.

  26. I can’t imagine many disenfranchised Nader voters moving to Bush.

    It’s certainly possible that Buchananite Republicans might consider Nader their first choice and Bush their second. Ralph and Pat are as cozy as lice these days.

  27. Something Europe doesn’t see much of, I’d imagine: People coming TO Europe, not leaving.

    Plenty of Muslims continue to immigrate to Europe, probably more than to the US. Discuss.

  28. Shelby,
    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US. Discuss.

    (That line is also a rejoinder for the people that do not believe that Islam and Western style democracy can work together)

  29. Phil,


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