Call Him a Cranky Libertarian Conservative…


The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby on the, you know, debate last night:

Call me a cranky libertarian conservative, but just once I would like to hear a candidate for president answer a question by saying, "Sorry, the Constitution limits the role of the federal government—the issue you're asking about is one for the states or the private sector, not Washington."…

Perhaps the most interesting thing about last night's debate was the open and unabashed talk, especially by Bush, of religion and prayer. It was interesting not because it was unusual but precisely because it isn't. Unlike their counterparts in Europe, political leaders in American speak often of God and the influence of their faith. It is one of the things that most distinguishes American culture and politics—and I use "distinguishes" in both of its senses.

Still, I do wish Kerry would explain sometime why it is OK for his faith to shape his stands on social welfare programs and the environment when he vows never to let his stands on abortion and embryonic stem cells be shaped by that same faith. Just another Kerry contradiction, I suppose.

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