The Winner: Ida Know


I didn't watch the debate tonight. Everyone says these things get decided by the pundits and the polls after the fact, so I figure I'm better off taking in those media judgments straight up, without my petty opinions serving as a filter.

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  1. Good call Jesse. These things drive me nuts. the candidates can rarely give an honest answer and even when they do, you feel like they have missed about ten points they could have made. In addition the moderation is always biased against Bush or any Republican. The questions ussually consist of “So Mr. Republican candidate, do you feel bad that all of your policies are hearlessly immoral?” “Mr. Democrat, how do you plan to overcome the tremendous damage the Republicans have done to the country in the last four years.” I have better things to do with my life.

  2. I think Bush won this one. It was his best performance of the 3 and Kerry’s worst.

  3. Next election cycle I plan to whore myself out as a political consultant, promising the sure-fire can’t miss debate winning strategy – make sure your candidate gets enough sleep the night before a debate. The sleepier candidate seems look like he’s losing, which makes people assume he is. Kerry looked tired tonight. O that the fate of the world rests on such things….

  4. I’ll be glad when November 2nd arrives; that way Hit n’ Run will stop making write-ups about one of these jackasses (presuming we have no repeat of Flori-duh).

  5. Well, the instapolls are giving it to Kerry: CBS 39-25, ABC 42-41, and CNN 52-39. Considering that the big gaffe of the night was the Bush line on worrying about Osama bin Laden, those numbers will probably only get better for Kerry. The bottom line: Kerry won all three debates.

  6. Fodderstompf,

    Damn that was fast.

  7. The bottom line: Kerry won all three debates.

    Press conferences. Kerry won all three press conferences.

  8. guy,

    That was good. 🙂

  9. I believe you meant to say

    The Winner: Notme

    It is common to get one’s “Family Circus” sprites confused.


  10. No winner. Definite loser though(that would be us). Kerry did nothing more than confirm my belief that he’s just Anybody But Bush, which surprised nobody, I’m sure. Nothing but a list of reasons Dubya’s screwed up(all pretty dead on I think), but nary a damn word on what he’ll actually do different, and when he did offer anything different he neglected to tell us just how the hell we’re gonna pay for it all. Bush came off as a retarded chimpanzee, as should be expected by now.

    No clear winner, but I know who lost: us.

    I just drew a picture of a chimpanzee throwing flip-flops at a horse. Sums up the entire campaign I think. 😀

  11. president-elect kerry should have invoked french
    responses to w, reminding him of hideous, horrendous, collossal faux pas, and simply referred to him as president sac de douche (douche bag). bush has a wierd, creepy take on the world, an evagnelical,fanatical facist view of social and moral issues, pretzeled with a social darwinist economic vision. it plays well with the mythical securities moms, the deliverence folk, and the kkk. if i ruled, all bush supporters would be immediately drafted and quickly dispatched to combat zones and trained for preemptive strikes in every corner of the world. stop loss policy would apply to them immediately.

    time to put up or shut up. bring it on and smoke em out.


    thank you for your time,

    cubby the cubster

  12. In response to the ultra big spender Kerry, Bush went on and on about how much of our money his administration spends, or is going to spend on assorted issues. There was no representation for fiscal conservatism at this debate.

  13. I’m terribly dissapointed by Kerry. Who is advising him on his debating points? He props up weak or incomplete arguments that Bush can easily knock down. He should be able to mop the floor with Bush, instead he makes Bush look good.

    On Iraq he complains the war was mis-managed, that they guarded this when they should have guarded that. Who cares, sounds like nit-picking. He never challenges the central thesis that the War in Iraq was a good idea in the overall fight against terrorism.

    Kerry harps on about alliances without ever explaining why its important. He cites the cost. Who cares about the cost when there is so much at stake. How about the fact that having credibility and legitimacy is critical to sucess? How about the idea the perception of legitimacy is as important as the reality when you are fighting what amounts to an idealogical war with Ismalic fanatics. Etc.

    I am so frustrated, I wrote my own debate answers in a what I call “If I were John Kerry”. Check it out here:

    (Its written to be average American intellect friendly).

    Also, I didn’t bother with economic issues, since I’m mostly inclined to agree with the Republicans on those. (Yes, I posted on two seperate topics… sorry – shameless self-promotion…)

  14. I did what any sane person would do on such a night as this. I hied myself to my local pizza joint. The BoSox v. Evil game was on one TV set, Redbirds v. ex-Colt .45’s on the other. A nice Italian dinner was before me, and there was microbrew on tap.

    Too bad the Bronx Blowhards beat the Scarlet Hose, though.

    My local FOX affiliate is replaying the debate right now. Neither guy is at all impressive.


  15. I recorded it (we sleep the sleep of the just here while your agents are destroying the world), and just now tried to listen to some of it. But I got bored.

    What I thought significant, though, was Kerry’s response to the draft question. The first time I heard him answer this in a debate, my focus was on his failure to say “There will never be a draft”. In this debate, my focus was on “We shall add X number of battalions/divisions/whatever, so that the National Guard can do things at home.”

    And my question is: Where do you plan on getting these battalions/divisions/whatever? I’m afraid the answer has got to be: a draft.

    I absolutely loathe gwb. I hope he loses. But if he does lose, you people are going to have to keep a CLOSE eye on Kerry. Because HE’S PLANNING A DRAFT!

  16. ps – I enjoyed Bush’s admission that DOMA is probably unconstitutional, btw.

    Figure that if Bush gets reelected, there’ll be a move to pass a “Defense of Torture” amendment.

    (god i hate him)

  17. Kerry won tonight, by a-couple-of-millimeters-greater-than-slim margin. He’s obviously more knowledgeable though unspeakably dull. He’s quite blessed that he has GWB as an opponent.

  18. I maintained my perfect record. I did not watch any of the debates.

    Last night I watched an episode of Scrubs that I recorded on my DVR. Time well spent.


  19. Anybody not notice the number of non-regular posters weighing in on this? Part of a public opinion campaign to creat momentum, or just that iregular reasonoid readers really want to say something on this?

  20. BBslacker,
    The new posters are obviously campaign workers. Hit and Run should be honored that it is targeted, but the DNC needent waste its time here, the writers and most posters already lean heavily left.

  21. I believe you meant to say

    The Winner: Notme

    It is common to get one’s “Family Circus” sprites confused.

    From the sounds of it, the winner would be Not Me if I actually had watched the debate.

  22. raymond,


    Well, he can plan all he wants. But I’m pretty sure Congress will have to agree if we have a draft or not. Isn’t likely that the Republican House would deny him that as a big, “fuck you, and fuck the horse you rode in on, too”?

  23. I am a regular reader, first time poster. I agree with Hank – Reason is loaded to the left any way you rate it. I am center/right and bi-lingual (English/Moonbat). “Kerry Wins, Sez Most Polls” tells me that Bush had a very good night. The clincher: Josh Marshall sez: “Bush did OK.”

  24. guy,

    Yesterday Lou Dobbs had talking heads from the two parties on his show. At the end, he wished them both “good luck on your candidates’ presentations.” Heh.

  25. Not a single question on energy or the environment but Schieffer was sure to get them to talk about their wives. What crap.

  26. Should we all just write in Cheney? Maybe even Jesse Ventura?

  27. president-elect kerry should have invoked french
    responses to w, reminding him of hideous, horrendous, collossal faux pas, and simply referred to him as president sac de douche (douche bag).

    Comment by: cubster at October 14, 2004 01:15 AM

    Perhaps I would have, if douche weren’t French for shower.

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