She Was a Girl from Birmingham, She Just Had an Abortion…


Abortion keeps rearing its head (?) in the debate and it's got to be said that both of these guys are full of shit on the topic.

Kerry mumbles that abortion is between "God, a woman, and her doctor," and that personally he's against it--thereby turning away from the question raised by abortion opponents that it's murder most foul. This is a pro-choice candidate?

Bush (whose spokesman earlier tonight on Hardball basically said Bush doesn't want to do anything to restrict abortion) keeps saying that it won't be a factor in picking Supreme Court justices (a total lie) and that he doesn't want to outlaw it or overturn Roe v. Wade, though it's bad and needs to be minimized. This is a pro-life candidate?

RE: blog post title: Sex Pistols lyrics page, "Bodies." Which seems pretty anti-abortion.