The latest attempt to get Ralph Nader to drop out of the prez race drops all pretense of principle, it is all about the cash. The deal is simple: Folks will pledge to give money to Public Citizen, and in exchange Nader will shutter his bid for the White House.

Is this a market solution?

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  1. I’d rather give $500 to a deranged maniac to blow Ralph’s swollen head off with a shotgun. That way he won’t be coming back asking for another handout in 2008.

    (Note to the Internet Police: Ha ha, just kidding! I’d never hurt ole Ralph!)

  2. It’s a failed attempt, I would guess. Crazy stuff is happening these days.

  3. Reminds me of those Victorian-era novels where the Baron of something, or the tycoon of something else, demands to know how much money he will have to pay to get the lowlife to stay away from his daughter.

    In this case, the liberals in question typically offer to do the job with someone ELSE’s money.

  4. Yes, it’s a market solution. Pretty sleazy, marginally legal (or illegal)), but I don’t actually care a fig.

    cdluna also makes a provacative observation. the guys in the black helicopters may think so as well.

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