I, Governor


A couple of interesting tidbits from this whiny L.A. Times article about how Gov. Schwarzenegger only talks to the foreign press. First, regarding his troubles with the wimminvolk:

In response to a question, Schwarzenegger said he had "learned my lesson" about groping women, an allegation that surfaced a year ago in The Times when he was running for governor.

Schwarzenegger admitted no wrongdoing, only saying "it is a totally different ballgame" now that he is representing the state of California instead of just himself.

The world "has changed so much that any kind of a comment you make to a woman now about her clothes or about this or that could be misinterpreted and could make someone uncomfortable and open the door to a lawsuit," he said.

Then, about his narcissism:

"I get my ego satisfaction from the press conferences, appearances and speeches I have to do now. I'm in front of cameras all the time, so I don't miss it at all."

One hopes he can fulfill his substantial ego needs by actually reforming California's budget and governing woes, rather than fast-forwarding to Constitutional amendments and such.