My Plan: Not to Be Bush


I understand why Kerry's answering questions about his plans with attacks on Bush, but I think it's an error. The people who are live in this election are already at least moderately uneasy about Bush, and he's got to do a certain amount of widening those cracks of doubt. But people keep asking Kerry about what he'd do precisely because what the doubters are now asking is: "Would Kerry do any better, even if we do thing Bush screwed up?" Answering by hammering on Bush and tossing in a vacuous postscript about "bringing our allies to the table" isn't going to ease anyone's mind.

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  1. Bush is gettin hot aroung the collar , he`s gettin ready to blow it ----

  2. Hehe... Even the moderator is calling bullshit on Kerry's claim to spend more than a trillion on new programs, tax 6-800 billon from the rich and cut the deficit in half.

  3. Weak abortion answer by Bush.

  4. Julian,

    The uneasiness about Kerry among undecided isn't because people want to hear about his plan, plan, plans. It's because after months of Bush defining who Kerry is, they think he's a flippy floppy fop in French frippery. He does have a lot of convincing to do, but it has nothing to do with talking about plans.

    He has to do what he did last time, which is look tough and "presidential," whatever the hell that means, to allay the concerns. He can do this, and hammer away at Bush, at the same time.

  5. you're joking right?

    in san fran that's all that's needed. take a 22 year old american soldlier in iraq and if he gets killed wearing a helmet with a us flag on it it's horrible. If the same soldier gets killed wearing a blue UN pith it's okay. being not bush is what's going to win kerry the election.

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