I'd Guess You'd Say I'm Not an Undecided Voter


I thought it a win for Kerry in a well-contested match, but I have developed a powerful and probably distorting allergy to Bush, that can be summed up with the sentence, "I guess you'd say I'm a good steward of the land." (And it has nothing to do with his environmental policy.) The longer I watch the man talk, the more I want it to end.

Bad points for Kerry:
* You really should know what year the WTC was first attacked.
* Enough already with the we're-gonna-woo-the-allies shtick. We got the idea already, and we still don't know how anti-Americanism will suddenly vanish as a strategic problem under a Democratic presidency.
* Maybe answer a question now and then, instead of, say, getting all huffy about a single usage of the word "liberal."
* Um, what exactly does "equal pay for women" have to do with the Constitution again?

Bad points for Bush:
* A little strong on the stimulants.
* Responded to pragmatic question about Iran by pointing out what speechwriter wrote for him two years ago.
* Ridiculous responses to Canadian pharmaceutical question (including Bill Clinton did it too!!).
* "In this war we live in," "might be from a Third World," "we're doing the best we possibly can," "like you I'm concerned about the deficit," "you can run but you can't hide," "green eyeshades."