Hey Bush, if you want to keep the Catholic vote…


…then lay off Roger Taney, the original Pride of Rome in the Supreme Court.


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  1. Good lord, how many elections and appointments can you lose and still become Chief o’ the Supremems?

  2. “Early in life he manumitted the slaves inherited from his father, and as long as they lived, he provided for the older ones by monthly pensions.”

    I’ve heard Washington did the same in his will. Jefferson did not free his slaves in his will and the were sold to cover his debts.

    Those old slaveowners were some complicated dudes. Judging by his court opinion Taney believed that slavery was a perfectly respectable and decent institution but does not appear to have wanted to practise it himself. After all he could have sold those slaves and pocketed the money.

  3. I guess that means that Taney was pro-choice on the subject of slavery, not wanting to practice it himself but reluctant to impose his moral beliefs on others.

  4. F U C K

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