Brother, Can You Spare a Jimmy Hat?


The Economist takes a look at the philanthropic activities of libertarian porn tycoon Phil Harvey.

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  1. Well, I don’t know, government subsudies for handing out condoms are still government subsudies. Population and AIDS control through this technique makes more sense then just throwing food and money at the problem, but labeling someone a liberterian who accepts government money for any purpose still nags me…but in this case, just a little bit. And while I don’t doubt his motivations are purely charitable, making sex safer for everyone does have the eventual effect of expanding the market for sex toys, I would think.

  2. Doesn’t John “Buttman” Stagliano give dollars to the Reason Foundation and other libertarian outfits?

    Hooray for those generous, stand-up citizens in the community, the pornographers!

  3. Phil is a genuine living hero. He is very libertarian in all the best senses of the word. Adam and Eve evolved from, and succeeded in, his desire to distribute contraceptives WITHOUT government subsides (and regulation). I highly encourage everyone to read his book “The Government Vs. Erotica”. It’s the story of how the Reagan administration tried to legislate morality. (The administration lost, morality won.) It’s a bit dry, but well worth reading. Interspersed with the tale of “the knight vs. the dragon” are chapters devoted to Harvey’s guiding libertarian philosophy.

  4. The article is worth the read just to see phrases like, “Pussy Enhancer” and “a bit like tuppeware nights, but with vibrators,” in the oh-so-serious Economist.

  5. Oh, *PHIL* Harvey. If *Paul* Harvey were a libertarian pornographer, now *that* would get my attention.

  6. Oh, *PHIL* Harvey. If *Paul* Harvey were a libertarian pornographer, now *that* would get my attention.

    “So there I was, in my Malibu beach house with the bisexual triplets and a quarter ounce of coke … and in just a minute, I’ll tell you the rrrrrest of the story!”

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