Bottom of the 9th Seeks Top


The District of Columbia's obscene $440 million give away to Major League Baseball may get a challenge in court from the owner of several gay nightclubs marked for replacement by a stadium.

Bob Siegel tells The Washington Blade he is prepared to fight the deal all the way to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, DC officials are gradually facing the fact that there is likely nowhere else in the city for the gay clubs to move to without violating zoning regs against red light districts.

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  1. Is that paper the Washington(Gay)Blade?

  2. Baseball and gay night clubs are two things I don`t give a shit for.However the taking of anyones private property pisses me off.

  3. Maybe they could call them “Pre-Marriage Parlors” or something to get around the red light laws.

  4. But like everyone else they wouldn’t care except for their toes are getting stepped on by the stadium proposal.

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