Hail To Thee, Polemic! You Kept Us Out of War!


Just to prove that you never know whose toes you're stepping on, Mr. Jayme H. Simoes sent me his 14th President spam this morning. An excerpt:

This week former funny man and radio talk show host Al Franken slammed President George W. Bush along with an unfortunate ancestor of the president saying that Bush the worst president in history, behind Franklin Pierce. Bad timing. This is Franklin Pierce's bicentennial year, and the group organizing the commemoration has a bone to pick with Franken. According to Pierce Bicentennial Commission chair, Jayme H. Simoes, "Mr. Franken may know jokes, but he sure does not know his U.S. history. Pierce was a polemic, but he was far from our worst President. His life paralleled the founding of this nation, and he served as President at a turning point in American history."

The Granite State's biggest Pierce exhibition, "Franklin Pierce: Defining Democracy in America," runs through May 8, 2005 at the Museum of New Hampshire History in Concord. For more details on Franklin Pierce and the Pierce bicentennial, visit the Pierce Bicentennial web page.