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If you're both a Reason fan and a Kerry supporter, here's a campaign site that just might speak to you.

[Via Doug Ireland.]

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  1. That’s it! I’m canceling my subscription! Reason has been going downhill ever since the second issue came out! This is the last straw! How dare you support Kerry!

    And I won’t reinstate my subscription until you bring me Julian Sanchez’s head on a platter!

  2. In 1972, Ayn Rand stated that if there were a committee of “Anti-Nixonites for Nixon” she would join.

    Her present day followers (Peikoff faction)lack the nuance to back “anti-Busheviks for Bush” but seem to think Dubya is the new John Galt.

    But the site you point to is clearly anti-Kerry, part of the Bush league dirty tricks brigade. What do you expect?

  3. This looks like my political home, but does it make me seem flip-floppy?

  4. Funny! But, sigh and alas, I don’t qualify for membership.

  5. I love it—bad to the bone.

  6. Does holding my nose and voting for Kerry if Arkansas is a close state make me a “supporter”?

  7. KH4K = Bush-haters in the extreme.

  8. A week ago that site might have worked. Today it’s just an old, stale joke.

  9. A pragmatic vote for Kerry as the lesser of two evils isn’t a whole lot better than a pragmatic vote for Bush because Kerry would be worse.

  10. If you’re both a Hit & Run author and a Kerry supporter… Oops, sorry for the redundancy.

  11. That site is a cheap knockoff of johnkerryisadouchebagbutI’, or whatever it’s called.

  12. Steve: You didn’t read the notice at the top of the page:

    “Note: Do not confuse this site with That site didn’t really say Kerry was a douchebag. This is the site for Kerry voters who think he really is!”

    I rather like its proposed Kerry bumper sticker, “Vote for Him Before You Vote Against Him.”

  13. That’s basically the line that the DNC was spouting on street corners before the convention. But it’s still funny that no one is going to vote for him because they like him.

    Note: Bush is NOT John Galt.

  14. The better bumper sticker is:
    “Why NOT the long face?”

  15. Down in the comments section was a post from a true Kerry lover (lost perhaps?) with a reference to an article about Kerry being the man who killed Al Qaeda’s stepfather, BCCI. Is this true or hyperbole? Is this like or unlike ‘Gore invented the Internet’?

  16. Gene:
    Scroll down a bit and see his views on the 2004 election. Peikoff intends to vote for Kerry.
    I suppose I could listen to the speech but I don’t have time for audio. I can’t really get my head around it. Bush and Kerry should be equally worthless to objectivists. I know Rand thought political liberterianism without the accompanying moral and philosophical revolution was as bad as anything else, but that just amounts to an argument for not endorsing anyone.

    I think she actually had a good point that your political system isn’t as important as your philosophy and values–but I disagree that stand-alone political liberterianism doesn’t help things at all.

  17. Peikoff justifies endorsing Kerry based on Bush’s support for the Christian Right’s agenda.

  18. Rimfax,

    Kerry held hearings to investigate BCCI, and got an enormous amount of flack about it from his own party. That was the investigation that ended with a former Democratic Atty General being indicted. Katherine Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, asked him, “Why are you doing this to my friend Ramsey Clark?”

    BCCI was a corrupt international bank that laundered money for criminal organizations, terrorist groups, plutocratic dictators, and illegal US gov’t programs. (But I repeat myself. Ba dum bum.) There is no BCCI anymore. John Kerry was bankrupting terrorists when George Bush was still bankrupting his oil company.

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