Big News of the Night


Mega-payroll Yankees trail the budget-minded Twins 2-0 in the bottom of the 7th……..

NEXT: And the Winner Is... Gwenn Ifill!

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  1. Sox in five over the Cards.

  2. The Yankees dropped game 1 to the Twins last year as well. It is far too early for the forces of good to rejoice.

  3. But the way Santana’s pitching, it looks like the Twins have Game 5 locked up as well…provided that they get there.

    This is why the Wild Card should be best-of-seven. Baseball is just too unpredictable. It’s not that hard for a good team (or even a mediocre one, at times) to take three out of five from a great one. Particularly if you throw a streaking, Cy Young-caliber pitcher into the mix.

    That said, I can’t complain too much about the defeat of a pro sports team whose personality resembles that of an unholy love child spawned between the Borg and an IBM mainframe.

  4. Santana is scheduled to start game 4, on three days’ rest. A potential game five would be Radke.

    Twins’ defense – largely the five double plays -won the game. Mussina actually pitched better than Santana, though both were outstanding.

  5. Besides being a Minnesota fan, I want to see the Twins win the whole thing just to see Selig choke on his whole contraction/new stadium blackmail crap.

  6. Few things are as sweet as looking forward to a Yankee elimination.

  7. Andrew, I heard you were rooting for the Soviet Union in the cold war…


  8. “Sox in five over the Cards.”

    I’ve got the Cards over the Sox in six. But as long as the Yankees aren’t there, and since the Giants can’t be there, it will be a good World Series regardless.

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