Smokin' in the Boys Room


Upset with your local public school system? Here's a novel approach—buy the URLs of the board chief and a member of the county board of supervisors, and turn them into gay porn sites.


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  1. Maybe this guy could sell subscriptions to his gay porn site and make enough money to not care about his suit anymore?

    Not that I have any opinion on the merits of this guy’s workers comp case. I just notice that he has some web design skills and a clever marketing hook for his site, and porn is supposedly the most profitable sector of the web. So, hey, seems like an obvious solution to his problems.

    Just a thought.

  2. Gay-bashing Congress-bitch Marilyn Musgrave (R. – CO) let her campaign url lapse last week and it was snapped up and turned into a porn site.

  3. Kind of loses it punch, though, when it turns out one of a county’s comminsioners is indeed, and quite openly, gay.

  4. I can see it all now:!


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