And You Thought tATu Was Crass…


As if Vladimir Putin wasn't troubling enough, Russia has produced a new pop songstress guaranteed to send a shudder down many spines:

No one knows her real name; she's known only as "n.A.T.o." and is a self-professed "suicide bomber" musician, who performs in a full-length burqa (i.e. the all-covering Muslim female dress) and veil, singing in Arabic. […]

[She] plans to come give one of [her] trademark "terror concerts" somewhere in England in the month of November. The kick-off "terror concert" occurred in Moscow last September 11 (of course!) and featured invitations printed to look like airline tickets, to accompany n.A.T.o.'s standard repertoire of songs sung in Arabic, delivered "in front of screens broadcasting images from al-Jazeera . . . interspersed with flashing words such as 'al-Qaeda', 'Iraq' and 'Nasdaq'."

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