25 Years Ago in Reason


"People who resist authority, who defend the rights of the individual, who try in a period of increasing totalitarianism and centralization to reclaim these rights — this is the true left in the United States. Whether they are anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, or libertarians who believe in free enterprise…I feel much closer, ideologically, to such individuals than I do to the totalitarian liberals and Marxist-Leninists of today."

— "Reason Interview: Murray Bookchin"

"Many people in Cleveland had always thought that Dennis Kucinich was a vicious little demagogue who would walk over his own grandmother if she stood in the way of his climb to higher office."

— Michael McMenamin and Earle Turner, "Populism for Power"

"The Honorable Charles Diggs (D-Mich.) has altruistically offered to pay back the $40,031.66 he stole from the federal treasury. This offer of uncharacteristic honesty was accompanied by a pledge not ever to do it again."

— Thomas Winslow Hazlett, "Brickbats"