Drink Al Qaeda


It's explosive! And it's good for what ails you. Hey, "Saddam" enjoys five liters a day.

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  1. “It gives a tonic-like flavour and this is good for man’s organism”

    When I saw this line, I had to reread the sentence.

  2. I wonder if al Qaeda will sue.

  3. This reminds me of when bikini swimsuits were named after the atoll where a nuke was tested.

    I would be very happy if in 50 years the terrorist group known as Al Qaeda is largely forgotten and all that most people remember is this tea.

  4. Sounds like the kind of thing I find when I leave the teapot in the sink for a few days. Yuk.

  5. This isn’t unprecedented. I vaguely remember hearing in my history classes something about something called “Hitler” — which I presume was some kind of beverage — that was really popular in German beer halls back in the 1930s. Of course, it had the benefit of a clever ad campaign that really putsched the product at consumers. I remember it featured really colorful posters, constant references to “the party” (to promote a fun-loving image) and a really distinctive logo-mark.

  6. “The establishment’s master al-Qaeda tea drinker calls himself “Saddam Hussein”, after the former Iraqi leader, and says he downs up to five litres a day.”

    At last, the long-suspected connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Queda!

  7. “At last, the long-suspected connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Queda!”

    And he lives in Africa too… The very same continent that George W. Bush said Hussein was trying to obtain uranium from! It’s all coming together now!

  8. When I saw this line, I had to reread the sentence.

    Heh. I actually mis-read it until you pointed it out…. It makes less sense now than what I originally THOUGHT it said.

  9. This gets deeper. I remember seeing, TWENTY YEARS AGO, ads on TV for a beverage called “Al-Koolaida,” or something like that. The ringleader, who strangely resembled a glass pitcher, exhibited a very destructive, violent bent — always crashing through walls and stuff.

    The signs were there!

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