Saved by Google


Interesting story on Morning Edition this morning in which a Canadian journalist recounts being kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents. He says he was let go at least in part because he was able to establish his identity by getting the terrorists to look him up on Google. Some fairly disspiriting stuff about local support for the jihadis in there as well.

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  1. had this story two weeks ago. They even ran an exclusive interview with Taylor by one of their in-house columnists on 9/18:

  2. Man, I hope I’m never kidnapped by a paving company.

  3. joe, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Halliburton Paving company might be on its way to you as we speak.

  4. Anyone notice how this guy’s firsthand account of “local support” for the jihadists brings and NPR running?

    I’m waiting for some clever jihadist to release a tape announcing the “popular front for the liberation of Iraq.” and claim broad-based support… All these weaned-on-Vietnam-media-types will swoon.

  5. Not a word about the veracity of the statement, just condemnation of media that report accurately on the situation. Dame liberals won’t lie the way you’d like? Poor snake.

  6. The question is why CNN and Fox didn’t come running. One of CNN’s was nabbed and released in Gaza yesterday and they were all over it.

  7. Are you kidding, Joe? This “story” stinks like one of your posts.

  8. Yeah, the NPR piece also had some depressing stuff on how the U.S. intelligence agencies didn’t even bother to debrief the journalists…

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