Maybe THK should have gotten the nom


Here's Teresa Heinz Kerry rebutting a heckler:

During a question and answer session, a young man demanded to know why Kerry voted to give Bush authority to attack Iraq but voted against an $87 billion appropriation bill to support the war effort there.

"Is that the kind of thing he would do as president?," the man asked.

Heinz Kerry sharply asked the man whether he had read the legislation that was voted on.

When he said no, she told him that Kerry had supported $60 billion in military appropriations for Iraq, but would not vote for the full $87 billion because he considered it a "blank check." Kerry was one of 11 Democrats to vote against the bill.

"And we knew they'd already given Haliburton millions in no-bid contracts," she snapped, referring to the company formerly led by Vice President Dick Cheney.

"If you want to say (Kerry) flip-flopped, just say so, don't try to hide," Heinz Kerry scolded.

Whole story here. Red meat for the freakazoid Democratic zealots who love (or claim to love) Teresa's elbows-out style. More importantly, it's an actual response, one that not only depicts Kerry as consistent but shows him doing what legislators are supposed to be doing, particularly during wartime: guarding the public weal against spendthrifts, sweetheart deals and profiteers.

I'm sure it's all bullshit, but why can't Kerry himself come up with something similar, instead of the mealymouthed circumlocution he tends to serve up? The CW these days is that Kerry is finally finding his groove with strong statements about Iraq, while THK continues to keep voters away in droves with her "imperious sexuality" (Hubba hubba!). Color me unconvinced.