The Roger Corman of Bloggers (Swipe at NY Times)


Given its congenital inability to understand alternate or emerging cultures, it's not surprising that yesterday's New York Times Magazine on blogging and the election basically ignored the actual political economy of cyberspace (read: ignored Reason's own convention wrecking crew). It was enough to check out the George Lois-esque cover of the mag, featuring sometime (read: one-time) Reason contributor Ana Marie Cox on the cover (full disclosure: Cox edited Suck for a while, which I used to write for).

The piece also gave a nod to the Roger Corman of blogging, Nick Denton, the impresario who created Gawker, Fleshbot, Wonkette, and (what I assume is) the relatively underperforming Defamer. Denton himself is worth an interesting profile sometime.