Runny Nose? Suck It Up!


The Indianapolis Star reports that state Rep. Trent Van Haaften plans to "introduce legislation--modeled after an Oklahoma law--that would place dozens of cold medicines behind [the] pharmacy counter. Anyone wanting cold and allergy medicines that contain pseudoephedrine would have to show identification and sign for it." Why? Because pseudoephedrine is part of the recipe for methamphetamine.

Pharmacists and other retailers object that such a system would be a pain in the ass for them and their customers. Drug companies are not too happy either, worried that the hassle will deter potential buyers.

But Van Haaften doesn't care. "There has to be a time when we start demonstrating the seriousness of this problem," he says.

Note that it's all about "demonstrating the seriousness of the problem"--i.e., sending a message--as opposed to actually stopping people from making meth. Critics note that speed cookers can always get their pseudoephedrine outside of Indiana.

[Thanks to Nicolas Martin for the link.]