Mocking Cat Stevens


Making fun of Yusuf Islam, a.k.a. Cat Stevens, is safe as milk these days. The '70s superstar shares at least one trait with another formerly popular pop outfit from roughly the same period, the Bee Gees: both have been retroactively cast out by the very American listening audience that once loved them so.

Two recent pieces about Islam (the man, not the religion) give some interesting context about U.S. homeland security and Islam (the religion, not the man).

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer notes that while Islam was barred entry into the U.S. for "national security grounds,"

he was here as recently as May for a charity event and to promote a DVD. The White House confirmed he even met with its Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives "to talk about philanthropic work."

Which makes you wonder about the efficacy of no-fly and watch lists (if you weren't wondering already). Whole thing here.

And in The Weekly Standard, Stephen Schwartz, author of an excellent history of California a few years back, asks "Is Cat Stevens a Terrorist?" He answers no, basically, though he believes the guy shouldn't be let in the country. That conclusion is debatable, but Scwhartz's discussion of Wahhabism, "the state religion of Saudi Arabia," is really interesting:

Wahhabism, the state religion in Saudi Arabia, and the inspirer of al Qaeda, is especially known for its hatred of music. In Wahhabi theology, all music except for drum accompaniment to religious chanting is haram, or forbidden. For anybody who has had contact with Muslim civilization, this is a fairly shocking bit of information, since music is one of the great glories of Islamic culture.

Whole thing here.

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  1. Cat Stevens is no more a ‘superstar’ than Ike Turner. You give yourself away lionizing motheaten has-been Osama wannabes.

  2. Well I think it’s fine
    Building jumbo planes…

  3. I love you Kevin Nealon!

  4. Like someone said on another blog,
    “I’m being followed by an Air Marshal
    Air Marshal, Air Marshal . . “

  5. If he can’t fly in an airplane he can always ride on the Peace Train.

    I’m so sorry…

  6. It’s good to know Stevens is getting support from someone as capable as Stephen Schwartz AKA “Comrade Sandino” AKA “Suleyman Ahmad”…

  7. Cat Stevens rocks! Who is this Yusef Islam that you speak of?

  8. Top Ten Messages Left on Cat Stevens’ Answering Machine

    10. “We at Iraqi Airlines heard what happened, so we’d like to offer you 20,000 frequent-fatwa miles.”

    9. “I’ve been waiting to pick you up at Dulles for three days. Where you at?”

    8. “Hi, this is Hall and Oates. How can we go about joining Al-Qaeda?”

    7. “It’s Johnnie Cochran. Without a trial in court, you must not deport. Call me.”

    6. “I’m calling from CBS News to confirm reports of a cat that can fly a plane.”

    5. “It’s Britney. Sorry you couldn’t make it to my fake wedding.”

    4. “I must have the wrong number–I was looking for Steven Katz.”

    3. “Dude, It’s Osama. I have an extra ticket to see James Taylor. You in?”

    2. “It’s Casey Kasem. Good news! You’re on the Jihad Top 100.”

    1. “It’s Sean Penn and Michael Moore. Wanna triple date with the Dixie Chicks?”

  9. “Hi, this is Hall and Oates. How can we go about joining Al-Qaeda?”

    OK, that one made me laugh out loud.

  10. I read this somewhere:

    Don’t you remember the days of the old Jihad?

  11. Barton,

    Did you just make that up or did you read it somewhere? That was really funny stuff.

  12. “Did you just make that up or did you read it somewhere? That was really funny stuff.”

    You just answered your own question.

  13. Bill,

    Would you believe I write some of Letterman’s Top Ten Lists for him? No? Ok, I copied them.

    Angus Jung,

    So what are you saying? I can’t be funny? How’s this?:

    11. “Cat, this is your Mom. Is it to late to just go back to the hippie thing again?”

  14. I loved “frequent-fatwa miles.”

    It would be interesting to be able to peer into Yusuf’s brain and see if he personally feels that anyone who “blasphemes” Islam or Muhammad should be killed, which is what he had said Islamic law requires. I suspect that he does feel that way but would never, of course, cop to it.

  15. And to think the man supposedly banged Carly Simon back when her lips were still in full bloom. No gratitude, I tell you.

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