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CoolGov is a website dedicated to the idea that "the U.S. government provides lots of neat resources, more and more of which can be found on the internet. Basically, we're just going to try and find the coolest stuff there is and post it here. After all, you paid for it…dammit, you better get some use out of it."

Of the items they've uncovered, my favorite might be this one. (Whose voice is that? Fozzie Bear?)

[Via bOING bOING.]

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  1. sounds like Bubs from Homestar Runner to me

  2. I’m gonna burn in hell for saying this, but it sounds to me like Kermit after the stroke. Bubs has more of that Fat Albert/Louie Armstrong chic.

    Does anyone else find it creepy that our spy satellite agency has a kids page? Its Virgil the Eternal Vigilance Bear!

  3. Oh, that’s freaky. I keep expecting it to say: “Toons! Downlooooads. ah-Eee-mail.”

  4. Not Bubs, it sounds like Homsar. Mouse over “games” in both. Well, even though Homsar says “James”.

  5. My tax dollars paid for that? WTF?

  6. Maybe this isn’t really related, but I saw Matthew Lesko — who wears suits adorned with question marks on TV and while grocery shopping — at a Whole Foods in DC the other day. He’s the pud who encourages people to live off the taxpayer’s dime. I wanted to throw a tomato at him, but when a security guard said to me that Lesko was “probably shopping with the government’s money,” that was enough for me.

  7. My husband has suggested a few times (tongue in cheek) that Matthew Lesko’s advertisments are a plot by supporters of small government intended to induce a reaction of “Oh my God, my taxes pay for THAT,” and then we all call our congresscritters and complain. Amusing notion.

  8. My tax dollars sprang for this cool little ditty I can rock my kids to tonight.

    Sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Tea Pot”

    I’m a little satellite shiny and bright,

    I’m up in space where it’s dark as night.

    When I get a signal hear me squeak,

    ‘Round the earth many times a week.

  9. By the way, have you checked out the cool stories?

    In “I’m Proud to be an American”, the protagonist is proud to be an American because “I have God to watch me”.

    I’m surprised that the National Reconnaissance Office would mention the competition like that.

  10. Check out the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” link in the Science category and waste your afternoon going back through the archives. Wow.

  11. To me it’s far more aggravating that someone draws a salary for putting together than that I’m paying for it. I’d rather they just burned the money.

  12. That is the most disturbing web site I’ve ever been to.

  13. I wonder how much the guy in charge of that gets paid, and if that’s his only job function. He probably thought he was getting in on the ground floor of a secretive spy agency. He thought he would be James Bond. He ended up animating singing sattelites. It’s almost punishment enough.


    When it says God is watching, it means the satellites, which means the government, which during a GOP administration, means God. (During a Democratic administration, its Big Brother whose watching. They say the cost is justified because constant observation will prevent people from saying anything that might offend a minority group.)

  14. “He knows when you are sleeping
    he knows when you’re awake
    he knows if you’re an enemy combatant
    so vote Bush for goodness’ sake, hey!”

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