Attn Bay Area Reasonoids: Come Celebrate Choice with Nick Gillespie and Tim Cavanaugh


You're cordially invited to celebrate the publication of Choice: The Best of Reason, an anthology of the best articles from the last decade of Reason magazine. Please join us for:

An Evening with Reason magazine
Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie and Web Editor Tim Cavanaugh
Friday, September 24, 2004
7:30—9:00 PM
Emeryville Barnes & Noble
5604 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

Advance praise for Choice:

"Reason is a constant reminder of independent thought in fast-changing times. Choice brings the best of it together to mess with your head again, or for the first time. Either way, you'll think different."–Chris Anderson, editor in chief, Wired

For more information about Choice, including the full table of contents and excerpts, go to

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  1. I already hornswoggled one customer for you. Here’s the quote from my ruthless, anarchistic, albeit charming daughter:
    “A friend of mine is having an
    art opening from 6 to 8 in that general neck of the woods. I’ll be at
    her thing when it opens, split at 7:30, and hit most of the Reason
    Be on the lookout!

  2. I say you guys ditch that Barnes and Noble gig and come to the Pixies concert in Berkeley with me, I seem to have a couple of extra tickets. Honestly, which would you rather be doing?

  3. Brian’s reading from “This is Burning Man” at Cody’s in Berkeley at the exact same time. Isn’t this taking free market competition a little to far?

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