Truth in Mockery


It's funny only because it is true:

New Orleans mayor opens Superdome as hurricane shelter. Refugees defeat Saints 42-6.

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  1. Funniest link EVER. I’m dying.

  2. Funniest link EVER. I’m dying.

  3. I know it’s not the point, but I expect the Saints to beat the ‘Niners this week; in fact, the Saints are favored by seven and a half points!

  4. Who dat gonna beat dem Saints?

    Let’s have Buddy D ask Bush for disaster relief in the form of a new stadium. They speak the same language, after all…

  5. Actually, New Orleans is largely going to be spared. The hurricane is going my parents backyard in Coden, Alabama tonight.

  6. Dunno which thread this should go in, but Johnny Ramone died in his sleep tonight. Great band…

  7. Mo,



    I just chatted with my parents; apparently the wind has become fierce. They’ve lost power or course and are working the generator now. Luckily phones rarely ever go out in hurricanes since the lines tend to be buried.

  8. GG: Hope your folks are doing well.

    My cousin was in life threatening accident while driving through Alabama a few weeks ago. He and his immediate family are holed up in a hospital in Mobile. Dammit.

  9. Jason Ligon,

    I chatted with them this morning; they were doing ok; they were holed up in their restaurant during the storm (the back outer bands should be passing them this evening I suppose).

    Which one? One of the USA hospitals? Or Springhill?

  10. GG:

    USA Medical Center on Fillingim St.

    He had just completed the bar and was driving from Tulane to his new high powered law firm gig in Atlanta. Driving late and in crappy weather, he hydroplaned off an embankment and rolled the vehicle. Took a big hit to the head, apparently.

    He’s a damn smart kid. He just can’t seem to catch a break in the last two weeks. Didn’t even have law firm insurance yet. Ugh.

    Not cool to vent in public. Apologies.

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