A Zero for Metro-Retro


Longtime Reason friend Joel Kotkin blows up the silly retro-metro dichotomy that some seem to think is an improvement on the preschooler red state-blue state paddycake formula.

Kotkin notes that even though Hollywood and Wall St. hipsters like to think of themselves far ahead of the tech curve, that ain't necessarily so. Besides, the metro-retro divide tells us nothing about all the folks who straddle the line. This is because the analysis assumes that no one would willing keep bits of retro once they had been exposed to the wonders of metro.

Too bad people do not really live like that. Lotsa of them. Like the surgeon I know who is freak for the latest gizmo from Apple, loves Bimmers, and yet loves guns, hunting, fishing, and generally killing things. Except his patients.

Retro or Metro?