Is It Art, Or Just A Guy With A Bad Back And No Pants?


Michelangelo's David may have been content with nothing but his sling, but The Guardian claims he really needed a Pilates workout. Among the evidence:

Poor posture and flexibility

Right side not straight

Sitting into hip, lower back pain

Weak buttock

"Clawed' toes"—weak foot muscles

Incorrect weight distribution

David's posture may be bad, but here's a QuickTime movie of TV's Goliath getting a pretty thorough back exercise.

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  1. That’s stupid. We don’t know how long the subject is supposedly maintaing this posture for. He looks to be faily fit.

    Absurd. Ridiculous.

  2. Who decided that this is even an issue? Is this in response to the Op-Ed on the Ayn Rand Institue website that practically sucks David off as it speaks of idealized humanity?

  3. The Guardian isn’t claiming anything, its the guy who came up with Pilates.

    I’m assuming he meant it to be funny, otherwise he’s a moron.

  4. what’s up with that clip?

  5. Who decided that this is even an issue?

    The self-serving Pilates prick did. What an asshole. What’s next? Mona Lisa needs a face-lift?

  6. Are we having a circle flit snit here?

  7. Wow, talk about missing the obvious.
    With all that nitpicking, how could they not notice he had a tiny little penis.

  8. The “sitting into hip” thing that is discussed, if memory of a gallery tour or two over the years serves me, is a device used by sculptors to balance human figures to stand on their own. If they just did a sculpture of someone standing at attention, body straight up and down, it would fall backwards, or even with a heavy base, still be poorly balanced, jeopardizing the integrity of the marble. If you look at more ancient egyptian figures, they are often seated, or if standing, have a heavy backing, as though stuck to a wall. I wish I had a link on this, now that I think of it.

  9. Too bad David can’t come to life long enough to sling a rock at Mr. Pilades’ head.

  10. Besides, everyone knows that the only thing wrong with David is that his right hand is completely out of proportion with the rest of his body. I guess his hand got stronger from slinging all those stones.

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