First You Get the Money…


…then (pace Tony Montana) you get the woman, then you get political power. That, at any rate, seems to be the theory behind the attempts to use cash and sex to draw voters to the polls—and I don't just mean the "Axis of Ass." The guys behind HotorNot have launched VoteorNot, with $200k in prize money up for grabs for some lucky voters. And Votergasm is seeking to entice folks to the voting booth in hopes that if they pull the lever there, they won't have to at home later.

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  1. Votergasm’s pictorials were disappointing. Lots of tease and anticipation, with no real payoff in the end.

    Just like any election.

  2. Well, I did like Votergasm’s advocacy group guide which gave as an example a sex-on-the-beach group that wanted Congress to blow up the moon to stop those irksome tides.

  3. I realize sex sells, but I find rather campy.

    Just my two cents.

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