Canadian Club


Via Virginia Postrel comes Grant McCracken's recent discussion of the rise of strident Canadian anti-Americanism:

Anti-Americanism is rampant. Many Canadians now make free with the most derogatory comments about their southern neighbors. They are pleased to call Americans stupid, aggressive, and vulgar. They are quick to say that Bush is a moron. (And here I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, ?well, he may not be Stephen Hawking but he is almost certainly smarter than you.?) Want an easy laugh at a gathering of Canadians? Say something anti-American. No sooner have you spoken than the room is awash in self congratulation. American bashing is now a Canadian pastime, as passionately pursued as road hockey and Tim Horton do-nuts.

Whole thing here.

With his articulation of "plenitude," McCracken has keyed into one of the central dynamics of our day. He's always worth checking out.