We Got Your Choice Right Here (Veiled Subscription Pitch)


I'm happy to announce the imminent publication of Choice: The Best of Reason, a brand-spankin' new anthology of the magazine's best stuff from the past decade or so. Available in hardcover and soft, Choice features an Open Letter from Drew Carey, a foreword by Christopher Hitchens, and great articles galore.

Go here for more info and to score a great deal on getting a free softcover copy of Choice with a new–or renewed–subscription. Or just buy the book outright.

Choice is published by BenBella Books; take a look at the rest of their catalog, why don't you?

NEXT: Lewis Lapham Returns From the Future

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  1. From Amazon:

    Known for its libertarian mix of investigative reporting, trend-setting essays, and caustic wit, Reason magazine has received kudos…

    Heh. Good thing they didn’t say liberal mix…

  2. “Go here for more info and to score a great deal on getting a free softcover copy of Choice with a new–or renewed–subscription. Or just buy the book outright.”

    …or you could give a copy to your longtime, loyal readers who just happened to renew their subscription BEFORE this offer 🙂

  3. Dagnabbit, similar situation as Andy, I just got my first issue of the magazine two weeks ago!

  4. I have about 5 years worth of back issues if anyone wants them. I thought I would reread the articles some day but I never have.

    Good ideas are timeless, but reading an old magazine is like reading an old newspaper.

  5. BenBella Books is named after a Marxist, Islamic terrorist and homicidal maniac for what reason?

  6. http://www.benbellabooks.com/staff.htm

    BenBella Books, named after Glenn’s children Benjamin and Isabella, was created in a desperate attempt to avoid “real” work.

    Glenn Yeffeth is their CEO. Get a grip, Bart.


  7. I’m now renewed well into the XXII century.

    (I’m such a sucker for freebies.)

  8. whats hitchens doing writing the intro.? he’s a good writer I enjoy reading but a lefty turned neo-con. Nothing against him but hardly liberal or libertarian.

  9. let’s see – you get a one year sub. for $15 or one year plus the “choice” rehash for $20. Am I missing the free part? (yes, I’ve read my Heinlein but please, you’ve got to hide it better than that). I actually clicked on the offer with the intention of subscribing but now…

  10. Kind of sad to see Fumento’s piece shilling for the Defense Department in here. “Libertarians” toeing the govt line on military poison?

    But, hey, I guess some concessions have to be made to that money machine that Lapham detailed in Harper’s recently.

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