Inter Zone


Reason writers around town: At The American Spectator, Jesse Walker reviews Nozone IX: Empire

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  1. Exactly why are so many artists leftists? I don’t know the answer, but as tiresome as knee jerk lefties can be, there’s something (even more) ridiculous about a struggling bohemian artist who votes Republican.

  2. republicans and conservatives tend to be against fun. and hedonism. and creativity, largely. or at the very least appear to be.

    not that i think liberals are very big on art or fun or creativity or hedonism, mind you.

    so that leaves few avenues. i find at the very least most musicians i know are firmly NOTBUSH, if not completely clinically paranoid in a illuminati vibe kinda way. i have fun conversations with them, though i get tired of being asked if i’m a republican after a while. (thinking george bush is irrelevant and john kerry is a jackass = republican)

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