Ted Rall: Moron


It's Mayberry, not Maybury. Stupid, stupid hateful man.

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  1. So people who can’t spell are now hateful?

    I’m aware of Ted Rall’s other work, and I’m not a fan, but this particular complaint just seems rather petty.

  2. I went to the Rall article, and it seems the mistake has been edited. Good job, Jeff!

    NYC to GOP: Drop Dead
    by Ted Rall

    Tourists are pleasantly surprised when New Yorkers act as friendly and polite as the people back home in Mayberry.

  3. You know, I was raised by hippies, so I’m definitely left-libertarian, with little love for Republicans, but hookers discouraging condom use in their Republican johns is just fucked up, man. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  4. Hey AC, we thought the same, grim thought…then we remembered that good God-fearing Republicans would never have sex with a stranger while on convention…so no prob…

  5. There’s stupid, and then there’s the special kind of stupid required to quibble that the majority of New Yorkers who died on 9/11 were Democrats.

  6. coronate….?

    What is wrong with using “crown?”

    As I have been known to tell my libertarian friends, “eschew latinate verbosity.”


  7. Pathetic. The Rall piece reads like it was written by someone in a middle school Young Democrats club.

  8. AC, ‘left libertarian’ is a contradiction in terms

    as a leftist you throw your lot in with other disparate interest groups to take power inimical to individual liberty and divide the spoils

  9. Amusing how Rall equates the GOP with an “overtly racist ideology.”

    This is the same Ted Rall, of course, who once instructed Condi Rice to enter a “Inner-City Racial Re-Education Camp”, and had another character in the same cartoon asking her for her “hair-straightener” back.

    And by gleefully pointing out how NYC prostitutes will deliberatly try to infect Republicans, as well as pointing out the political voting habits of the 9-11 victims, are well thought-out comments that will go a long way in attracting mainstream independents and swing voters into the Kerry camp. (/sarcasm)

  10. I thought the title “Ted Rall:Moron” was a play on the title of most of Ted Coulter’s pieces. When does he NOT title his piece with something hateful like “Republicans: Baby-killing Bastards”, “Bush: The fucker who stole my mojo”.

    The guy is a drama queen, pretending to be some sort of “shock” jock.

  11. Calling someone names is far superior to reasoned debate.

    The other day I heard someone ask a friend which kind of republican he was, hateful asshole or simplistic dupe. Said he knew by the clothes he wore he didn’t fall into the third catagory

    (I had to admit that my friend would have fallen into the simplistic dupe catagory, though.)

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