Reason writers around town: At Mindjack, Jesse Walker fits Outfoxed into the media's age of plenty.

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  1. Nice review Jesse, but I have one question. What did the movie have to say about the equally abundant, if less flagrant liberal bias in the mainstream media?

  2. So some people that hate Fox News, made a movie to demonize Fox News and will only be watched/enjoyed by people who already hate Fox News. What was the point?

  3. Oh, people are just upset because there’s a ‘dead spot’ in the liberal echo chamber. Yeah, it’s called Fox News, so what.

    What’s amazing is the number of liberals congregating in that dead spot to say “Hey, can you hear it? That’s right, that’s the problem. I don’t hear anything liberal over here! We have to call someone and get that fixed. This can’t go on!”

    I can’t wait until someone makes the argument that taxpayer dollars are supporting Fox News. Can we hoist them by their own petard by re-re-re-re-mentioning NPR?

  4. The PEW research center found journalists are, in general, to the left of the American population. From the PEW data, it looks like a journalist (or network of them) could be well to the right of their peers and yet not be to the right of the general population at all.

    The short of it, from a fair and balanced perspective:

    (hehe – find your own unbiased sources, the alternatives are more entertaining)

  5. “The short of it, from a fair and balanced perspective:

    Errrr…. I hope you’re joking. The Media Research Center is about as “fair and balanced” as Fox News.

  6. a little joke, but I think they make some good points at that fair and balanced source:) (I should stop saying that – don’t want to get them sued) But I’ve also heard the occasional good argument coming from Democratic (or Republican or greedy Libertarian) campaigns, or NPR, or CNN, and nobody claims these are unbiased. BThere is no reason to be completely ad hominem – just have to consider the bias of the source to some extent and verify questionable “facts” with addditional (biased) sources or your own research.

    BTW, I don’t think anyone has suggested the PEW data is biased. But maybe its not entirely accurate either. As suggested in the link, it seems likely that truely liberal journalists, knowing the liberal charges against them, might label themselves moderate or independant, (or even conservative?)given a chance. Of course that’s a two-way street.

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