I am a Straight Israeli


Oh-kay. This McGreevey deal really needs to be a TV movie. Golan Cipel, the former McGreevey aide we all thought the guv had a gay fling with, insists he is not, in fact, gay.

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  1. OP843: ACT921NJMCGR79: Watch Touro/Torricelli/Kushner connection; Mon follow, report.

  2. “There is corroborative evidence,” Ms. Yosevitz said. “This is not a ‘he said, she said’ case.”

    Uh, well, duh. Unless there’s another whopper of a revelation coming down the pike…

  3. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. I’d say the Israeli has a good case for slander now if in fact he isn’t gay, regardless of whether or not anything happens about the sexual harrasment allegations.

  5. Maybe he’s not really gay, just, you know, curious.

    Just kidding.

  6. Hmmm…let’s see. A guy gets hired for a $100,000 a year state government hack post without a shred of qualifications–including US citizenship required for the security clearance to do the job–then quits, and claims he had no real affiliation or relationship with the man who hired him. Yeah.

    My guess? This Cipel guy is on the defensive now that McGreevey blew the whole thing. And just how do you prove, in court, that you’re not gay? The fact that there is (or isn’t) a star on your belly?

  7. My brother, generally a liberal Democrat, follows political gossip even more than I do. He told me that there are other scandals about to surface in regard to the soon-to-be-former governor of NJ. My brother’s opinion is that McGreevey wanted to say “Hey, look everybody, a gay man!” And then while we’re all staring and discussing, he can try to slither away from the mess of trouble coming his way.

    I haven’t exactly spoken with a representative sample of the US public, but comments from my friends and co-workers range from “What does it matter that he’s gay?” to “Nice to see somebody finally accepting responsibility for infidelity!” The common denominator is that all of us (me included) are talking about his gay affair.

    I think every crooked politician should have a gay affair. If in danger of being caught, the politician can then distract the public by confessing to a gay affair. Everybody will be too busy to notice when the papers are shredded, the bank accounts are emptied, and the witnesses are either bought off or have the farm bought for them! ;->

  8. AB, why do you put quotes around consensual? I haven’t heard anyone accuse him of rape. As for sexual harassment, I’ll consider him innocent until proven guilty. Though he may well have made an incompetent/unethical hiring decidion.

  9. Douglas Fletcher–why would it be slander to say that a heterosexual guy was gay? Would it be slander to say a gay guy was straight?

    The definition of slander is “oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation”. Being identified as a homosexual is generally injurious to a person’s reputation; being identified as a heterosexual generally isn’t. The fact that it isn’t *fair* that there’s a stigma attached to homosexuality isn’t relevant; it is enough that the stigma exists.

  10. I have found the answer: they are both victims of….The Gay Bomb.


  11. Cipel, you’re up to you’re pupik in drek now you’re claiming you’re not gay. Be a mensch, stand up and say “I am a proud FAYGELE” and stop blaming it all on Jimbo. Golan, you’re a weasel from the get go. You weaseled your way onto Jimbo’s radar with a good line of shit (you’re not bad looking, but boy you’re not a movie star)and had a self promoting agenda from the get go.
    I am not here to prove if you’re a feygele, a bissel feygele, or not feygele at all…I left my feygelometer on Christopher Street. I am not giving Jimbo a pass on his actions, but c’mon you knew the guy was in the closet (despite the rumors) and you took advantage of it. You played with the guy’s head (both of them) and in my book you’re a sleeze with less and less credibility as more and more of the facts come out. By the way Golie boy, my gaydar is good enough to tell if you were really i the life if I met you personally.

  12. (Crass Alert)

    “The governor’s abusive conduct continued, the lawyers said, during the eight months Mr. Cipel worked for Mr. McGreevey, first as a liaison for homeland security and then as a special counsel.”

    Scene in the Governor’s Office

    Cipel: I brought my report on Airport screening, sir.

    McGreevey: Oh yes, bring that package over here, you kosher stud-monkey.

    Cipel: Sir, please. Now look here on page 12. I have looked very closely at the number of screeners per bag handled. I’ve also factored in the amount of time it takes..

    McGreevey: Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I’m lost in my own little world. What is it you’re wearing.. Drakar?

    Cipel: Sir, this is really important. As we speak, there are significant gaps in baggage..

    McGreevey: I would love to give you the Samsonite test. Oh my God, you are so tightly zipped up. Do you work out?

  13. I can tell this is gonna make for another great Solondz movie; imagine the great lines you could get. Clueless wife finds the Gov’s stash of Men’s Health and Seventeen under the bed, he goes, “I was only reading it for the articles!” or Cipel claiming in the news, “I’m actually straight, but the governor converted me for a few years… I was helpless, I was powerless to resist his evil mind rays!”

  14. Maybe he’s not gay, but just likes sex with other men. We have a lot of those people here in the lower Midwest.

  15. Meshuganer,
    In an Irish attempt to translate your Yiddish into “Cumming thru the Wry,”
    All together now…
    Can we say “flit snit”?

  16. I was afraid he was going to fall down and hurt himself. The man’s pants were around his ankles for God’s sake!

    Uh, AB? “Now we have to hear from leftists who say stuff like, if he’d been straight, he wouldn’t have had to resign. BS. Clinton was impeached for similar, and if there’d been any justice in the world, would’ve been kicked out of office.” Aren’t you sort of making their point?

  17. Douglas Fletcher–why would it be slander to say that a heterosexual guy was gay? Would it be slander to say a gay guy was straight?

    If the case is that McGrevey falsely reported having a sexual relationship with Cipel, creating the impression that Cipel was rewarded for providing sexual favors with a government job,I think the slander suit would be viable regardless of Cipel’s sexual orientation.

    Or is there something here I’m missing?

  18. parse,

    had your post been “why should it be a slander …” it would be appropriate. But it IS a slander to call a hetero guy a gay. Remember the Republican senate candidate (Montana or some place) who was portrayed (or merely hinted at?) as a potential gay since he was a hairdresser years ago?

    One way to confirm that it actually is, is to find a public straight figure and call him a gay – you will find out in a court that you have slandered him.

  19. thoreau,

    Or maybe he was just really, really eager to advance his career. As James Dean said, it’s hard to get ahead when you’ve got one hand tied behind your back.

  20. joe,
    Cipel is gay! Cipel is a homosexual! I know it, his family knows it, DOGS know it! The only one who doesnt know it is him!

  21. To paraphrase a comment I saw elsewhere on the web, I don’t know why Mr. Greevey thought it important to drag the whole country into this sordid affair by saying “I am a gay American.” Were we likely to think him a gay Chinaman?

  22. “Cipel guy is on the defensive now that McGreevey blew the whole thing.”

    Hehehe. You said “blew the whole thing.” Hehehe.

  23. I guess what I find so annoying about the whole affair is the godawful speech. It’s quite simple corrupt politician cheats on wife and kids and engages in “consensual” sex with another man who, it turns out, he employs as an unqualified security officer. Now we have to hear from leftists who say stuff like, if he’d been straight, he wouldn’t have had to resign. BS. Clinton was impeached for similar, and if there’d been any justice in the world, would’ve been kicked out of office.

  24. Not so, straight people who are wrongly perceived or slandered as homo as much more targetted for unwanted and unwelcome aggressive sexual behavior by homo and bisexuals, and they usually are rejected in relationships by healthy heterosexuals. So, aside from mere reputation issues, by wrongly labelling someone as a homo, you are setting them up to various degrees of sexual harassment and distress in other social/work relations.

    Too bad this sexual harassment suit isn?t going forward, it would be very educational for a large part of the public, whether Cipel is a homo or not.


  25. alessandra…just read a bit of your webpage and i have to ask you…was there an event in your past that fucked you up so bad or are you just naturally a bigoted piece of trash?

  26. Dan–

    It may indeed be the case that being identified as gay is generally injurious to a person’s reputation, but I’m not sure that it is. On the level of a public figure, can you think of five people in the last five years who have suffered injuries to their reputation because they have been identified as gay? I’d say Rosie O’Donnell, for instance, is an argument to the contrary.

  27. Earl, you sound so stung! Can?t argue about any of your asinine views and stoopid self-righteous values, so you jump on the ad hominen stuff. You are not just naturally a bigotted piece of trash, you really labor to make yourself into one!!!

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