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C-SPAN's wonk classic Booknotes is coming to an end. The weekly author interview show will be shelved after its 800th scribbler sit-down. C-SPAN junkies take heart: Booknotes will be replaced by another Brian Lamb interview show. If I'm reading the following bit correctly, it will be some sort of thing wherein Lamb talks with the dead:

On Dec. 12, "Booknotes" will be replaced by another interview program hosted by Lamb, tentatively called "Q&A," which will occasionally invite guests from the book world. More frequently, however, they will come from beyond.

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  1. Obviously you misread the quote. They don’t mean the dead. They mean space aliens.

  2. So Maureen Dowd was the last guest. Must be her fault.

  3. Obviously you mistyped the quote. They don’t mean the dead. They mean Beyonc?.

  4. Brian Lamb is the Platonic ideal of a journalist. It’s all about the questions, the more open-ended, the better. Not a drop of ego in that man. That’s why he rules.

    You could do immeasurable good if you closed every journalism school in the country and forced the would be students to sit and watch, oh, about 4 hours of Brian Lamb interviews. It would instantly solve the crisis in American journalism.

  5. wonder if it will be reminiscent of walter savage landor’s imaginary conversations of literary men and statemen.

  6. More frequently, however, they will come from beyond.

    Oh, crap. More Nixon interviews.

  7. Damn it. Oh well, there is now a void. We have demand. Come on market. Fill it!

    (Ok, so I’m speaking to a process as if it were a person.)

  8. “They don’t mean the dead. They mean space aliens.”

    “…Maureen Dowd was the last guest”

    The new show has actually started then?

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