Ah, the old Tamper With Canadian Products That May Or May Not Be Headed For The American Market And Then Hope For Deregulation trick!


Like a sprite from the pen of Bil Keane, our old pal Non Sequitur has left his comrades Not Me and Ida Know behind in order to haunt the war on terrorism. This time, it's acting Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester M. Crawford who has invoked the spirit of bin Laden to counter the threat of…Canadian drug importation. In this AP interview, Crawford says the possibility of terrorist tampering tops his list of worries about drugs coming in from Canada:

Crawford said the possibility of such an attack was the most serious of his concerns about the increase in states and municipalities trying to import drugs from Canada to save money.

"We get our cues from chatter that occurs around the world, which is relayed to us by the intelligence community, and also from past incidents and things that happened domestically," he said.

Leave aside that this is the sort of scheme for mayhem even The Penguin would dismiss as unnecessarily convoluted (why bother with Canada, when, as Crawford himself notes, product tampering is still a frequent occurence in the Good Ol' USA?), that a DHS spokesman conspicuously fails to support the commissioner's claim in the same article, and that the other threats Crawford mentions—lack of refrigeration in shipping, sale of counterfeit products, and incorrect potencies—seem far more likely to occur than this one. What value would the FDA be adding with regard to this particular threat? I understand our neighbors to the north already have one or two regulatory agencies of their own.

In a Reason article from a while back, Todd Seavey tried to figure out the point of the FDA.

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  1. If this drug reimportation stuff takes off we may need to resurrect John Candy and send him to Canada to fight those terrorist sympathizers! 🙂

  2. Is it me or is the fed gov’t making it much easier for the next terrorist attack to take place? Everytime I see shit like this, it makes me think the boy who cried wolf and chicken little are indeed officials in Homeland Security.

    I hereby alledge the FDA is aiding and abetting with terrorists and the whole agency needs to be detained indefinitely and held incommunicado at Camp Gitmo. Let the interrogations begin, is Private Lindsey available for this duty?

  3. Please put a space after one of those hyphens. It’s screwing up your margins.

  4. Yeah, my screen is roughly one mile wide.

  5. I must be getting old, 99.

    That’s the second time I fell for that one this month!

  6. More evidence, as if any were needed, that the “War On Terror” is a marketing gimmick for lazy statists to shove whatever it is they plan to do anyway down our throats.

  7. It’s so simple!

    No, wait, it’s needlessly complicated.

  8. And yet we are allowed to import food from other countries and we do.

    But um this has nothing to do with politics … right? Nor with say the profits of american companies – nah it couldn’t.

  9. Why are you so worrieed about importing Canadian pharmas? We put all our mind control agents in the beer.

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