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Accounts differ, but Kinks guitarist Dave Davies has reportedly suffered a stroke.

I have no larger political or cultural point to make. They're my favorite band, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

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  1. Well, this is obviously a reflection of society’s larger problem vis a vis the medical industrial complex tampering with government efforts to…

    Ah, heck. Get well soon.

  2. I was just thinking the other day how all the Kinks are still alive, even the ones with a very short hitch. Let’s hope he and the still on the mend Ray get better soon. God Save the Kinks!

  3. Seems rock stars and NFL players have the shortest life spans of any major profession. At least they’re well paid gladiators. Well, the ones we know about, anyway.

  4. Fortunately modern medicine has gotten much better at treating strokes in recent years, so hopefully the man will get better and go on.

    Keith Richards really should will his body to advanced medical research, its just ridiculous the number of apparently lesser beings of his species that are eating his dust.

  5. Long time fan of the Kinks. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that Ray and Dave reunite.

  6. Anybody know if this has anything to do with his gunshot wounds last year? Or was that his brother? Either way, I hope he is back on his feet soon.

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