Pirates or Fans?


Via Techdirt, here's a fascinating article about anime fandom and production.

Japanese anime has won worldwide success in part because Japanese media companies were tolerant of the kinds of grassroots activities that American media companies seem so determined to shut down. Much of the risks of entering Western markets and many of the costs of experimentation and promotion were born by dedicated consumers. A symbiotic relationship existed between fans and producers that warrants closer consideration as we watch American media companies take a scorched earth attitude toward their most dedicated followers.

There is definitely such a thing as excessive copyright protection. I don't think the media companies know how much they're hurting themselves with their enforcement and harassment policies. The whole article is definitely worth reading.

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  1. “Media companies here in the US hold their consumers to a higher standard simply because such “grass roots” (huh?) fandom is unnecessary here.”

    Star Trek certainly benefitted from such grassroots fandom. Bjo Trimble always thought so, at least….

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