"Saddam's Heir"


Saddam's daughter Raghad is telling the Arabic-language press that she wants to enter politics out of a sense of family tradition and commitment.

Here's a passage from an AP wire: "'I am the daughter of Saddam, my mother is Saddam's wife, my children are the grandchildren of Saddam,' she told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily newspaper. 'You do not understand, but I have commitments. I bear his name and he depends on me.'"

"This is my life, my future and the people look at me as Saddam's heir," she adds. A distinctly unimpressed IraqPundit suggests that Raghab "run for mayor of Tikrit or something" to learn about attaining office without "shooting one's way to power."

Raghad lives in Jordan with the proviso that she not engage in politics. Jordan once granted asylum to Raghad's late husband after he and his brother-in-law fled Saddam. Saddam later "pardoned" the men and, after they returned to Iraq, murdered them.