This Is Burning Man!


I'm happy to announce that This Is Burning Man, the great new book by Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty, is now available for sale.

Brian's got an excellent web site up here, where you can get a feel for the nation's premier underground event–and for Brian's probing treatment of the same. And you can read a sample chapter here.

How fascinating is TIBM? It's gotten blurbs from both foulmouthed comedienne Margaret Cho and ultra-serious media uberlord Walter Isaacson (I'll let you guess who said what). To wit:

"I loved this book! Doherty's writings are a fantastical journay through a world that keeps alive the spirit of a time before September 11, where we were less afraid of each other, more daring, louder, smarter, saner, and able to welcome a kinder terrorism into our culture. It is incredible to know the history of civil rebellion set against the backdrop of intellectual urban unrest, especially in this laugh-out-loud riot of a book."

"Burning Man is a wondrous topic. The yearning to gather is a primal one, and Burning Man is a magical example. It's based, as Brian Doherty describes, on a love for creating and experiencing: 'The world is a desert. It's up to us to fill it in.' By capturing the people and the wonder of Burning Man, Doherty has contributed to this process."

Feed the psychic pyro in you and check the book and the site out now.