Fog of Battle, Part MMMCCCXXXIII


Iraq good news/bad news:

At NRO, Karl Zinsmeister says electricity shortage is result of high demand and fair distribution, claims insurgency is not broad-based, blames media for laziness/pessimism. (Half-grade off for World War II analogy.)

At Philadelphia Inquirer, Ken Dilanian retracts most of his optimism from April, cites rise in number of US dead in July, says (or headline writer says) situation is worse than media are reporting. (Half-grade off for several instances of sweeping language.)

Christian Science Monitor has a good news/bad news roundup.

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  1. I think everybody has lost their optimism concerning Iraq. The news seemed to go from bad to worse as the bombings and attacks increased and the abu graib abuse scandal unfolded. I’m disappointed in George Bush’s leadership skills, but John Kerry isn’t any better. I’ve never seen a politician spend so much time holding a wet finger to the wind like he does.

  2. Yeah, you could almost respect it if his wet finger was his middle one.

  3. Instead, it’s guys like me who have to do all the work and flip him the bird. Like I don’t have enough to do already.

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