Abu Ghraib Jr.


Scotland's Sunday Herald investigates the treatment of imprisoned children and teenagers in occupied Iraq.

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  1. Oh come on, what happened to these children is no different than a kindergarten initiation! Right Rush?

  2. It is certainly true that a 15-year-old, or a 14-year-old, or even a 10-year-old can be dangerous. The use of minors in combat is nothing new.
    Having said that, the treatment described in the article, if it is accurate, is beyond despicable. Rape is not a valid interrogation method. The other actions described are troubling at best. It’s always uncomfortable to realize that despite any pretensions, Americans are capable of being just as cruel as anyone else, and enjoying it just as much.

  3. Saddam was much worse. ‘Nuf said!

  4. From that article: ?The perceived unjust detention of Iraqi males, including youths, for suspected activities against the occupying forces has become one of the leading causes for the mounting frustration among Iraqi youths and the potential for radicalisation of this population group.?

  5. Fifteen year olds aren’t “little kids” as depicted in the article, particularly with an RPG in their hands. And, mirable dictu, the methods used are actually eliciting information. At this stage in giving Iraq liberty whether they want it or not, I could care less what we do short of outright torture. So sue me.

  6. So to give Iraqis liberty we have to lock them up?

    Yes, this “hearts and minds” thing is working wonderfully.

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