It's Good to be the King


The President sure gets lots of cool gifts. Italy seems to really like us, what with the table made of lava and the $12K watch. Hey, Poland, this is NATO, baby. Take your $300 watch to Moscow and swap it for some cabbage. Cheap bastards.

Gotta wonder if the DEA knows about the $2200 32-inch "bronze royal pipe from the Bamoun ethnic group, with a male face at the base?" Tommy Chong went to jail for that shit, man. Jacques Chirac gave Bush some Christian Dior after-shave lotion, eau de toilette, a bar of soap and a goddamn toiletry kit. And a pen, a $1300 pen. What a turd.

Most of all I want to know what happened to the $80 bottle of Portugal port. "Handled pursuant to Secret Service policy" my ass.

via Cryptome.