30 Years Ago in Reason


"The army not infrequently lies to the volunteer, promising him many options but in practice determining his service path and duty station."

— David Brudnoy, "A Libertarian Critique of the Military"

"New York City today is skittering along on the momentum generated by an earlier and freer era. It could never get off the ground if it had to start in the condition it is in now."

— John Hospers, "The Life and Death of New York"

"The lobotomy literature is filled with references to how the husband says the wife is 'better than ever' now that she has brain damage. This same literature openly boasts of making 'good housewives.'"

— "Taking on the Mind Killers: An Interview With Peter Breggin"

"The [Equal Rights Amendment] deserves the support of libertarians because it will remove some…governmental intrusions…specifically by nullifying most of the 'protective' labor laws."

— Lynn Kinsky, "Libertarians and the ERA"