Hit & Run

Convention Cons


Yes, I watched Kerry's speech. "Incentives." "Investment." Sure sounds better than regulation and spending, doesn't it?

At least he didn't say anything about "working families." In 2000 the Democrats wouldn't shut up about "working families"; it was some fool consultant's idea of how to reassure the country that they weren't going to put everyone on welfare and give tax breaks for adultery. Every time I heard that phrase, I imagined a whole family slaving together in some sweatshop.

Don't mind me, I'm obviously not the target audience for these things. I keep getting bored and flipping over to the convention reruns on C-Span 2. Last night I saw George Bush '88 promising never to raise our taxes. Tonight I saw Bill Clinton '96 promising to protect our airlines from terrorists.

Kind of puts the week in perspective, no? For now, the only speeches I enjoyed at this convention were Bill Clinton's and Al Sharpton's. The rest will only become entertaining after history adds some layers of irony and dust.