Hit & Run

The Final Outrage


All entrances to the FleetCenter have been closed, shutting out at least 500 people all equipped with the proper credentials. "What can I do?" says a cop, turning folks away. "It?s not my fault they handed out more passes than they could fit inside." The Democrats ? they?re a party of exclusion!

We?re among the outsiders due to a day of sensational DNC disorganization. First, the main press filing center was oversubscribed, forcing us to relocate at the very highest point of the FleetCenter?s towering stands. People on stage resembled ants. Dennis Kuchinich resembled something an ant might beat up on. Limited wifi connectivity faded after a couple of hours, so we sought a press center on North Washington, a couple of blocks from the main hall.

The plan: Matt would return to the hideous Fleet interior and file to me via cell phone.

Well, scratch that. This 80-capacity area on North Wash (currently home to only 16 or so journalists) might soon have a few extra visitors.